The closest airport to my house is in Damascus

I live in a war zone. The Syrian border is just 15 miles from my home and a horrible civil happens there. Less than one mile from hermon_from_emek_qedeshmy house is another border which I have never crossed dividing me from people I may never meet. But when I jog along this border, with the wonderful view below, listening to the birds sing, it all seems quite unreal.

Is the quietness deceptive? Am I secure? Maybe this perspective enables me to understand better than my fellow information security folks that nothing is really secure. Security is relative. One can be more secure than his neighbor, or more secure than he was last year, but nothing, never, is just secure.

The most obvious outcome is that my interest has always been protecting rather than breaking. It is just not that much fun to break things that are inevitably breakable.

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